Great beers and very nice server!

Ria Corsten
June 6, 2024 via Google

A fantastic local brewery, they have an amazing selection of non alcoholic beers to tempt your palate, along with some of the best original beers and of course the great ol standbys. Stop in to grab some from your local hang out, you’ll be impressed!!!

Ultimate Insulation Attic Experts
March 16, 2024 via Google

Wanna try some amazing beers, stop in at District Brewing co. Centrally located in Regina in the Wearhouse district. Lots of parking, and a very welcoming environment, ask to see Joe, he really knows his stuff! Super friendly and great group of folks!

Wade Murray
March 16, 2024 via Google

Joe the bartender was very helpful and informative with the selection. Will be back!

Andy Koopman
February 22, 2024 via Google

I decided to give up alcohol for new years 2024, but have always enjoyed craft beers for the taste. The district hero, especially the milk stout is amazing and helps keep me on track when I want to have a beer after work or go out to a pub. Currently only know of Bushwakers that carries it, but I wish more ... Read more

Sean Hayes
January 27, 2024 via Google

Shauna was awesome! I've never had such a great server experience. Will definitely be back, thank you! Came back to see Shauna again and was not disappointed! The only thing that could have made this any better would be if I could get an Amber :( But overall, always awesome here!

Sydney Schiffner
December 27, 2023 via Google

Great beer so happy I found this place 😀!!!.

Jim Gallagher
November 14, 2023 via Google

Shauna was awesome! I've never had such a great server experience. Will definitely be back, thank you!

Sydney Schiffner
August 27, 2023 via Google

Shauna is a sweetheart who took very good care of us. She is an icon who knows her beer.

August 26, 2023 via Google

Great atmosphere! Beautiful deck, amazing for a hot day and a cold brew! Delicious food and yummy beer!

Jenna Schaffer
August 26, 2023 via Google

Regina kolsh is exactly what you want on a hot day! Great service, great patio.

Tammy Holzapfel
August 4, 2023 via Google

Great Beer, poutine was nice price for what you get. There was a cat on a barrel, very loving little guy!!

Victor Bear
July 28, 2023 via Google

Excellent product and service. Best local beer in my opinion.

Matthew Wallis
July 1, 2023 via Google

Very good local beer option. Lots of great tasting beer varieties.

Brad Prevost
May 16, 2023 via Google

Best beer 🍺 variety in the city. Please try Marzen

Robert Nyeinepock Robwoh
July 27, 2022 via Google

It’s all in how you handle a bad experience, and District Brewing went out of their way to make sure they didn’t lose a customer. Thanks!

S Torg
March 14, 2022 via Google

The beer is able to hang with anyone and that's not just a single beer. That is everything they do. High level, high quality. Easily the best brewery in Birmingham.

Matt Esche
November 24, 2021 via Google

These folks make great beer! Make mine a Rifleman lager! 😊

Randy Brooks
June 5, 2021 via Google

World class facility. Great products.

Kris Heshka
July 18, 2020 via Google

Hadn't experienced them much because I quit drinking before they existed. However they recently released a zero alcohol beer which has been awesome! The service since I've started using them has also been phenomenal!

Matt Thompson
May 2, 2020 via Google

Honestly, District Brewing Company went above and beyond for me. I've been looking for a good alcohol-free beer during this global COVID-19 quarantine and I thought I'd give District's Zero a try and chose the home delivery option. Scott, a dreadfully nice guy, texted me to tell me when he'd ... Read more

Mark Allard-Will
April 12, 2020 via Google

I am the bartender at Jack Keatons BBQ & Grill. This review is about Jeff who I think is one of the top dogs for sales and marketing over at District. The guy is literally the nicest human being you could meet and all of our staff always enjoys seeing him come by. We also have one of the old retired brewers ... Read more

Joey Summer
November 27, 2019 via Google

Good beer

Liam Walsh
July 20, 2019 via Google

Lovely beer with some traditional and some very unique flavours. Their ginger lemon radler surprised me but is fantastic. Overall awesome spot.

Amber Dechief
March 15, 2019 via Google

I have been buying District beer over the last few years and have Ioved it from day 1 with Mus Knuckle. Well things have change and their variety of beer has grown so much. Three of their beers are now all that I buy to put in my fridge. The Dark is such a great mix of hefty flavour without bitterness. Was in ... Read more

Kevin Carlson Mortgages
January 12, 2019 via Google