District Brewing Co.

District Brewing Company is a small, Regina-based, manufacturer of premium craft beer. We produce a diverse variety of styles that can accommodate all tastes. We make ales, lagers, and non-alcoholic beers for even the pickiest beer drinker in your life.

District Brewing Company is a small company on the Canadian Prairies making lots of really good beer. We believe in learning, growing, and improving our beer brew after brew. Most of our small and mighty team is at our brewery on 8th Ave in Regina. We love to support other small craft producers through distribution assistance, contract brewing, and investing in our craft production community. Thanks to our fans, District beers are available at most liquor stores in Saskatchewan and in select stores in Alberta and Manitoba. 

Our Goals

We have big dreams that extend beyond beer. Our hope is to create positive change in our community as a company and through the empowerment of staff.

  • Environmental leadership through ongoing climate action
  • Create an exceptionally good work environment for our employees
  • Be the most trusted name in Prairie Craft Beverages
Our Environmental Impact

One of District Brewing’s major goals is to become Climate Positive by 2040. This will require significant investment to achieve. “District is very grateful to our shareholders who make our impact on climate change a priority,” notes brewery GM Joe van Heerden. 

The most anticipated change happening in the spring of 2023 is the introduction of Carbon Capture equipment. This will allow staff to capture the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation, clean, store, and use it to carbonate our beers. The carbon capture equipment is anticipated to be fully running by May of this year.

In addition to the carbon capture implementation, District Brewing finds efficiency through byproduct reuse and reduction. Currently, all grain used in the brewing process is given to farmers to feed livestock. If you buy two cases of beer, you are feeding a cow for the day. District beer is filtered with a centrifuge that eliminates the need for physical, limited-use filters, and reduces product wastage. 


We are located in the heart of the Warehouse District in Regina, Saskatchewan. Stop by for a pint or grab one to take home! Our staff is passionate about our beer and helping you find the perfect brew.