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Lovely beer with some traditional and some very unique flavours. Their ginger lemon radler surprised me but is fantastic. Overall awesome spot.

Amber Dechief
March 15, 2019 via Google

I have been buying District beer over the last few years and have Ioved it from day 1 with Mus Knuckle. Well things have change and their variety of beer has grown so much. Three of their beers are now all that I buy to put in my fridge. The Dark is such a great mix of hefty flavour without bitterness. Was in ... Read more

Kevin Carlson
January 12, 2019 via Google

Great Craft Beer.. Excellent Tour!

Lorne Robbie
October 4, 2018 via Google

Fantastic beer and awesome staff. Total fun and a great place to stop for a pint.

Brian Adam
September 12, 2018 via Google

Amazing local brewery! All their beer is excellent, West Coast Wheat Lager is my fav. Light and refreshing great summer beer.

Thayne Giroux
September 3, 2018 via Google

District has come a long way since they opened in Regina. The beer they make these days is damn good. I highly recommend their Dark Larger which is available in Cans at most liquor stores in Sask. District's Lemon Radler is also really good!!

Jaco van Heerden
May 10, 2018 via Google

Just tried some of the dark lager and decided go see exactly who was making one of new favorite beers. Top notch boys this is one hell of an awesome beer. Cheers!

Mike Davis
April 22, 2018 via Google