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Casee Johnston, Office Manager

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Casee Johnston, Office Manager

As the office manager, Casee Johnston is the person who holds District Brewing Co. together. A Regina native, she spent a lot of time growing up on family farms and enjoying the countryside—maybe that’s why she loves country music and is an avid rodeo goer! Casee enjoys going to the gym and lifting weights (she competed in the SABBA Novice show in 2016), walking her two beloved pups Thea and Odin, and simply being outdoors. You’ll catch her watching old westerns and wishing she was Cat Ballou “because she’s a total badass!”

Casee joined District because she loves being a part of something small before it becomes something big. “That’s exactly what craft beer and District Brewing Co. are.” She believes that although District is small, it has the potential to grow into something big one day, and she hopes to be a part of making that happen. Her funniest memory is from the first time she filled a howler by herself. Everything was running smoothly until the keg ran out just as the howler was almost full. The pressure from the air coming out of the tap line and into the howler gave her a nice little beer bath!—with her customer standing nearby as witness to the whole thing. As Casee puts it, “apparently washing your hair with beer is a thing right now anyways, haha.”

Casee recommends District Brewing Co.’s Lemon Ginger Radler
Favorite ice-cream: mint chocolate chip!...wait! cookie dough (And beer and ice-cream should be left well enough alone...it sounds like a stomach ache!)