Contract Brewing Services

At District Brewing Company we're proud to offer quality contract brewing services including: recipe design, brewing, pakaging & distribution to startup brewing companies and well established beer brands.

Contract BrewingRecipe Design

Want to startup a craft beer brand of your own? Our team of experienced brewers can help you with the design of your recipe. We also offer a review and modification of existing recipes.

Contract Brewing

Capacity - We offer capacity to brew various size batches for our customers regardless of your business size.
Flexibility - We offer the flexibility to adapt to your company’s production needs. Our contracts allow for production size adjustments. Allowing your production to grow alongside your market demand.
Consistency - We offer some of the most rigorous quality control procedures to create a consistent high quality product.
Environmental Health and Safety - The production plant operates with EH&S as a top priority. All plant decisions have EH&S as a core attribute. We use HAACP, OH&S and Provincial Food Manufacturing fundamentals as a guideline.


Bottle - Our bottling line accommodates one-way US 12 oz bottles.
Aluminum Can - We offer the option to package in US 12 oz, or US 16 oz aluminum cans.
Pack Cartons - We offer a variety of packaging carton options from 4 to 24 pack arrangements.
Kegs - We offer contract racking in kegs of various sizes. Some common keg sizes we offer are 20L, 30L, 50L and 58L.



District Brewing Co. offers distribution services for packaged product. This includes but is not limited to kegs, aluminum cans, bottles, and growler distribution.


District Brewing offers various storage options

For more information about District Brewing Company’s Contract Services, please contact Joe van Heerden or click here (add link to contract brewing contact us form)