The Do’s and Don’ts - Valentine’s Day

The Do’s and Don’ts - Valentine’s Day

It’s literally everyone’s least favourite “holiday” (or maybe I’m projecting).

A day filled with overpriced flowers, thoughtless cards and more expectations than your least favourite Aunt on Thanksgiving. (Still Projecting).

Have no fear, I have a few simple pointers to help navigate this impending day of self-doubt. Here are my lists of Dos and Don’ts:

(If you’re single scroll down for your special list!)


1. Assess the “level of relationship”.

How long have you known each other? 5 years is much different than 5 minutes (Although both come with their own set of expectations and issues). 

If you are in a new relationship, consider a more low-key, chill ‘date’.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, try something new together! Anything from a trampoline park to trying a new restaurant!

  • If you’re up for a challenge, Spices of Punjab - has BUFFET TO-GO (no this is not a drill!). So after you’ve jumped to your heart’s content, you can pop in, fill a to-go container(s) and then return to the comfort of your own home to gorge on delicious Butter Chicken, Pakora, and Samosas.
  •  Follow this up with a Netflix and Chill and it’s perfection. If you haven’t tried the series OA, you’re missing out,
    Disclaimer: If you combine both… there will be NA’AN in the ‘Chill’ department.
2. Be Thoughtful.

Buying no-name chocolates and card from the drugstore on your way over to their place and tossing it to them with the receipt (for $9.48), still in the bag is really not worth the “effort”.
Disclaimer: I apologize if anyone actually likes old, no-name chocolates. Also, still projecting…

3. Think outside the box.

Sure, everyone loves flowers and chocolates and jewelry and all those other vday-type-gifts. But how about:

4. Tell them how you feel!

I’m not saying that we all need to be dropping L-Bombs like the London Blitz. BUT, this is a great opportunity to be honest and let them know how much they mean to you, how much fun you have together, how great their dog is, etc.
*Ignore this suggestion if you are considering “Don’t List #2”

5. Unplug!

I know shutting off your phone is next to impossible, but at least stay off of social media, email, sudoku. Nothing is better than someone’s undivided attention.


1. Break-up with someone.

There is a small window for Post-Holiday break-ups, you’ve missed it....

2. Feel obligated to buy something.

This is a hard one, especially because we live in a society so focused on material goods. That being said, experiences and being together can still make for a great fake-holiday. (See Do’s #1)

3. Go overboard.

This isn’t an episode of The Bachelor. There is no need for helicopter rides to Banff, or super extravagant, overpriced dinners. Unless, of course, you love throwing money away, then by all means - you do you.

4. Feel the need to “impress”.

This relates to the above point, especially for newer relationships.
This person is with you because they actually like you, which is cool. So just be yourself and do something you can both enjoy, or laugh at later.

5. Expect a gift!

Again, V-day is filled with an overwhelming amount of expectations, “gifts” being one of them. If someone wants to buy you a gift, great. If you want to buy them something, awesome. Do not expect anything (unless previously discussed with your partner).


If you are single…. Here is your special list, as promised.


1. Plan a night-out or in with friends!
  • Get dressed up, go to a nice restaurant and laugh at all the people that didn’t adhere to Don’t List #2.
  • Organize a Potluck Dinner and Netflix Binge
  • Organize a Potluck Tasting - have everyone bring a bottle of wine or fill up a Growler with their favourite bevie for everyone to try.
    • Make it competitive by ranking the favourites, winner gets a box of no-name chocolates and is still alone. (JK)
2. Treat Yo-Self.

Needs no explanation but consider this recommendation a gift from me to you.
Ideas: New Outfit, Manis/Pedis, Keg, Wine/Bath, Dyson-Pet Vacuum, new TV, Shoes… I could go on forever.

3. Do something cool and fun!

Check out the Ionic Bonding Adult’s Night at the Science Center! (They even let you have wine) or go to a Mead Tasting at Prairie Bee Meadery in Moose Jaw.

4. Try something new on your own.
  • Feeling active? Sure you could go to your everyday gym....OR you could try that fitness class or studio you’ve been thinking about.
    Not sure where to go? Download the MindBody App!
  • Try a new coffee joint! 13th Ave Coffeehouse in Regina has a really cool vibe AND unsweetened Matcha Green Tea which is hard to come by, so bring a book and enjoy! I also hear that d'Lish by Tish Cafe in Saskatoon has yummy vegan treats. 
  • Feel like people watching? Take a walk/jog/hop around a local park, BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog), extra points if you borrow one!
5. Stay-in and chill!

It is a Tuesday afterall, so you are totally free to walk in the door, take your pants off, crack a beer and watch NCIS.
Seriously, No Judgement.


1. Call Your Ex.

This is a BEYOND awkward idea. If someone asks you on a first date, scheduled for this day...RUN...

3. Get drunk alone and feel sorry for yourself.

You’re sassy, single and don’t have to share anything, no reason to feel bad about it.

4. Watch a sappy movie. 

PS I Love You, The Notebook, Titanic, etc. Unless you really love sappy movies and wallowing in self-pity…

5. Creep your Ex’s Facebook

...or anyone who is engaged, married or has a dog.

6. Feel Pressure.

You do you. Comparing yourself to anyone else is a recipe for disaster. Use this opportunity to take a bit of personal inventory and discover what is important to you, without any outside pressure (Ignore the Aunt at Thanksgiving, she sucks).

Good luck out there friends, I hope my suggests help us all get through the Hallmark Holiday. 


The District Drinker